Frequently Asked Questions

There is no exact time. Visiting Morocco is all year around.

Morocco is a safe country and top countries to be visited in Africa and in the world.

It is a perfect place for those who seek nature, adventure, culture, diversity…

Visit our website and select what suit your desire but we highly recommend combined tours to fully experienced most of the parts of Morocco.

It takes only 65 km to reach Atlas Mountains. It is 1h20 minutes.

Morocco is a wonderful country, diverse and culturaly rich with many beautiful places to explore. Each of these places offer a special and beautiful experience.

A valid passport is all what you need.

Our recommandations and realy recommended :

The best thing to do is to go for 2 days hiking in Atlas Mountains like climbing Mount Toubkal or Atlas villages and a day to explore the city of Marrakech. Visit our website:



Mount Toubkal is at 4167 m, located south of Marrakech. It is the highest peak in North Africa.

You can Climb Mount Toubkal anytime of the year. Spring and early autumn are the best time for some people.

It takes two days to climb Toubkal but the second is the longest day (10hours walking). You can visit our website to see what we suggest.

Climb Mount Toubkal is not hard neither technical. So, you can make it to the top without having any difficulties because your body will get adjusted to the altitude during the first day.